Power Generation Equipments Spares & Components etc;

Power Plants:
Power Transmission & Grid station Equipments & Components etc;
Wires, Cables (for special use)
Electrical Distribution Equipments & Components Circuit Breakers & Components etc;

Termination, Splicing, jointing for power cables Marking etc;
Lighting, Lamps, Ballasts & Photoelectric Controls etc;
Maintenance Supplies etc;
Data communication Equipments etc;

Steel Mills:
Spares for Gas Turbine & thermal Power Station

Utility Products etc;
Factory Automation

Beside the above, our activities covers the following fields but is not confined to a particular area of interest:-

" Product search, identification & Selections
" Product substitutions & equipment programs per clients technical specification & requirements
" Vender Selection
" Products sample, submittal
" Preparation, submission & approval from consultants
" Procurement of materials, transporation & handing over after work close

It is difficult to find an Organization that can combine strategic business skills, a deep understanding of technology & proven entrepreneurial, Management and change leadership experience.